How DigitalHQ works

DigitalHQ offers a seamless and efficient workspace management experience, designed to enhance transparency, coordination, and productivity across your office spaces.


That’s how DigitalHQ works:

Find Your Workspace

Using our mobile app, employees can easily discover and book available desks, meeting rooms, and parking spaces in real-time.

Our custom office maps provide a clear view of all available options, making it simple to choose the perfect spot for your workday.

Desk booking Room booking Office maps Workspace management

Check into the Office

Stay connected with your colleagues by knowing who’s in the office.

With DigitalHQ, you can select your preferred seat and confirm your booking, promoting better coordination among teams.

Whether you’re working remotely or in the office, this feature ensures everyone stays informed.

Hybrid work Office work Team coordinaton Work model

Schedule Meetings Efficiently

Planning meetings has never been easier. Propose multiple meeting times within the DigitalHQ platform, and participants can vote on their preferred time slots.

DigitalHQ automatically sends location information for in-office meetings and links to join those who attend remotely.

Meeting date recommendation Meeting room adjustment Organizing meetings Meetind date & time voting

Dynamic Room Size Adjustments

Our intelligent system takes it a step further by automatically recommending the appropriate conference room size based on the number of attendees who will be physically present in the office that day. This ensures that meetings are both efficient and well-suited to the available space.

No more wasting valuable space on small gatherings or being left searching for a larger room!

Conference room booking Room adjustment Organizing meetings Room booking system

Parking Made Easy

Simplify your arrival at the office with DigitalHQ’s parking reservation system. Reserve your parking spot in advance using our app, ensuring a hassle-free and organized parking experience.

No more circling the parking lot searching for a space; DigitalHQ has you covered.

Parking space availability Parking space booking Parking reservation system Parking spot reservation

Transform Your Workspace Management Today

DigitalHQ streamlines your workspace management, making it easy to find, book, and coordinate your office resources efficiently. Join us in optimizing your workplace for a more productive and collaborative work environment.

Download DigitalHQ and organize your hybrid work

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